Instant encrypted end-to-end communication

The public key is encrypted to realize the information link of seamless communication between users.

Private key storage matrix

Build the private key matrix storage database to ensure the security of users' digital assets

High scalability Technology Architecture

Accept tens of thousands of DAPP business application distributed computing system

Security policy technology

The characteristics of "weak consistency, strong consistency and final consistency" security encryption technology ensure the smooth flow of point-to-point


  • People and people
  • People and things
  • Things and things

The instant messaging platform established by blockchain technology combines people, processes, data and things, so that the ecological network connection becomes more relevant and valuable
IMET will reconstruct the production relationship, communication ecological network and establish a diversified, autonomous and global mesh integrated network.

Application scenario

Encrypted communication

Users and users share a pair of keys, and they exchange the public keys to realize the IMET blockchain communication network.

Payment without network

IMET realizes the smooth payment between nodes through the grid network formed by point-to-point link.

Private domain traffic

IMET MESH network is formed between devices, that traffic data is the value

Intelligent life

The API interface established by IMET ecological bottom protocol can be connected to any smart home terminal equipment to realize the pod consensus mechanism of data interconnection between "things".

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